Find Out How People Who Are Sick of Their Current Job are Transitioning and Finding a Career They Love… Without Constant Rejection by Using the PolitePersistence Formula
> Learn how to get in front of the right hiring managers WITHOUT going through HR
> Learn how to jump miles ahead of the competition WITHOUT spending a ton of time
> Learn how to get from having no interviews to multiple interviews WITHOUT spending a ton of money on career coaches
You’ve heard it before… because it’s true: Follow Up. Following Up is the cure-all, the panacea, the answer to why you don’t have the ideal job or the job you want RIGHT NOW.  
The below are seven steps for those unemployed or those looking to switch jobs. Either way I am going to help you get on the track to doing what you want to do in your career.
The PolitePersistence Formula for Finding the Job You Want
*Your goal by the end of these steps is to have scheduled enough informational interviews with enough contacts to be in front of a hiring manager on an interview.
Step 1: Pick the Industry
Let’s say you want to stay in the same industry you are in but move jobs… so write down the industry name at the top of the page. Let’s call it “Finance”.  If you want to switch industries, then do so but make sure whatever industry you want to work in is listed at the top. You can list multiple titles if you want to switch industries.
Step 2: Pick the Job Title
You need to know the job title of the position you want. Here is why… if you connect with someone and they say “What do you want to do?” and you reply “Work in finance.” They are going to 360 your eager face and go back to the buffet. But if you reply with “I want to work as a Senior Manager of Valuation” or “I want to work as a Credit Analyst” or “I want to work as a Capital Markets Auditor” then that’s something someone can use to help you.
Step 3: Create Your List of Personal Contacts
First, create a spreadsheet and label the columns: First Name - Last Name - Company - Title - Email - Notes
All you need to do now is come up with 25 contacts who you can email. Think this is hard? Hardly. These contacts don’t have to know anything about the particular job you want because all you are asking them is “Who do you know who knows anything about [Desired Job Title]?” Here are a few groups of people to get you started. List out contacts from:

  • Past jobs
  • Related industries
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Clubs
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Religious organizations

Remember, these contacts don’t necessarily have to have anything to do with the position you want in Step 2. All these people have to have is some sort of personal connection to you and understand what industry for which you are looking to work.
Just because your buddy works in healthcare and you want a job in finance doesn’t mean he doesn’t know people who work in finance.
Keep reading to learn how this rationale of reaching out to random personal contacts makes sense...
Step 4: Supplement Your List
Now it’s time to supplement with another 25 contacts. You’ll find out the reason you want so many contacts below. Among other techniques and tips I can provide, one of the best is to use LinkedIn. If you’re not using LinkedIn yet at this moment then STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and go create a profile right now. Here’s how you’re going to use LinkedIn to find your next 25 contacts.
If you have a decent size network on LinkedIn:
A) Search your current list of contacts who share the same industry
B) Click on view more contact information under their profile picture and copy their email
C) Add their information to your list
If you don't have a decent size network on LinkedIn:
A) Download the LinkedIn app for your smartphone
B) Open the app and search first by [Desired Job Title] then by desired industry
C) When you find a 2nd or 3rd degree connection, click their profile from the search results and then click the blue "Connect" button. This process of connecting over a mobile device is much faster than over the laptop or desktop. Before you say that you think you are spamming these contacts, then I ask you how important is your job search? The worse case scenario is that someone you request to be your contact ignores you and the best case scenario is they can either refer you to someone who can help or provide valuable information him or herself.
D) Once these individuals start accepting your connection requests find their email on their profile page and copy it
E) Add their information to your list
Step 5: Contact Your List With PolitePersistence
This is where the fun begins. Since you are using PolitePersistence to connect with your contacts you only have to email them once and wait for a response. Here is the general structure for how to organize your four tabs within the PolitePersistence compose interface. Feel free to check back when I provide some email templates to use when reaching out for informational interviews.
Tab 1: Initial Email
This is the first email your recipient will receive. Keep these emails short and sweet. Your first line of the email should connect on a personal level. I.e. "Great seeing you at the party last week." for contacts you know well or "Nice to connect with you on LinkedIn" if they are a new LinkedIn contact. Your second line will quickly go into what you are looking to do in your career. Your third line will ask "Who do you know who knows anything about [Desired Job Title]?" and of course your last line will thank them.
Tab 2: First Follow Up
You could simply copy and paste your initial email in this tab. This email is mainly a reminder to your recipient. You can of course customize this if you like.
Tab 3: Second Follow Up
Since all PolitePersistence emails are replying to the previous email before it you never have to worry about including previous content. In this tab I would indicate the following: 1) You understand that your recipient is busy and respect his or her time. 2) You simply wanted to see if he or she knew anyone who knows anything about [Desired Job Title] 3) If they do not then please let you know as you will continue to be politely persistent until hearing a reply :)
This tab could also be filled with a gesture of goodwill. For instance, by including a helpful article, link, or contact that could assist your recipient in some way he or she might feel more inclined to reply.
Tab 4: Continuous Email
I like to use my last follow up tab as a Continuous Email or the same email that is continuously sent until either the recipient replies or I cancel it. With this email you want to make it very clear that you will resend this email every 15 days or so as a reminder to keep you on his or her radar. If your recipient should ever come across someone who can assist you then indicate that he or she should please let you kow.
A couple pieces of advice when sending PolitePersistence to find a job:
1) When the recipient replies all scheduled follow ups are automatically turned off. If they responded by stating they do not know anyone who can help you. Don't send them PolitePersistence again for the same request.
2) Remember that if the recipient calls you instead of replying or sending you an email then your PolitePersistence is still active. Make sure you go into your Drafts folder and delete PolitePersistence for that recipient.
Step 6: Update Your List
Shortly after sending PolitePersistence to your contacts you will begin receiving responses back and one of two things will happen for each recipient: 1) Your recipient will not be able to help you. Result = remove him or her from your list and replace with a new contact. Remember, at any point you want to be managing 50 contacts at one time by having PolitePersistence set for each of them until they respond. 2) Your recipient can help you and refers you to another contact by sending you his or her email address. Result = replace your original contacts information with the new information of your new contact and start PolitePersistence for him or her.
Step 7: Rinse, Recycle and Repeat Until You Have an Interview
It really is this simple. There may be contacts where you get referred 2,3 or 4 times until you connect with someone who can give you an interview. That's good. Remember also, the more face time you can get with someone (hiring manager or otherwise) the better. People naturally feel more connected when they communicate face to face. If at any point you have PolitePersistence running for 50 contacts without a response, don't sit and wait. Go find another 50 more for your list. You find the contact information and PolitePersistence will do the hard part of following up.
Polite persistence in general is what makes people successful. At it's core, PolitePersistence is an automated hustle engine. It will do the hustling for you but you need to do the hard work up front by finding the right contacts and customizing the emails.
The Law of Large numbers proves that the more you do of something the better chance you have at getting the result you want. Email 50 people with PolitePersistence and you have a decent chance of finding the job you want. Email 500 people with PolitePersistence and you have a great chance.
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