Let’s say you want to deliver an important message about your business or organization to a group of 1,000 people standing in front of you. Which would you choose: a megaphone or a cell phone?

What if time wasn’t a factor? Would you choose to have a personal conversation with each of the 1,000 people?

As email marketing evolves, we’ll no longer think of email marketing as just sending optimized, researched, and targeted mass emails to qualified lists. Rather, we’ll begin to see email marketing as a full spectrum running from: 1:1 Email Marketing to Large-List Email Marketing.

1:1 Email Marketing for Outreach

This type of 1:1 email marketing is about initiating personal connections with people who could help grow your business (and join your email list). Perhaps you meet these people at conferences or events, on public transit, or even by reading a post on their blog and reaching out via email.

Try sending a simple email that includes: “(1) Here’s what I do, (2) here’s how it helps, (3) here’s why it’s relevant to you, and (4) would you like to know more?”

However, you won’t really know if there’s interest unless you learn to be persistent in a polite way. Following up is key! Luckily, there are a bevy of tools to help with this task, including:

Large-List Email Marketing

Grow Your List

Besides 1:1 email marketing, how do you grow your email list? Well, you can collect email addresses using a signup form on your home page, blog, Facebook page, etc.

You can also offer an incentive for subscribing to your list. Examples include:

  • Useful content (explain the benefits of your newsletter)
  • Free ebooks
  • Free podcasts
  • Coupons
  • Drip-campaign email lessons on a specific topic
Provide Value

Next, be sure to provide your subscribers what they expect to receive from your email newsletter—high-quality, relevant content.

If you want your subscribers to derive maximum value from your email newsletter, don’t overload them with URLs (keeping Barry Schwartz’s The Paradox of Choice in mind). As a rule of thumb, limit yourself to one to three links—possibly even doubling up on an important URL.

Automate Some Emails

Use timed and trigger-based autoresponders to reinforce your relationship with your subscribers.

Timed Autoresponder Example

When a new subscriber joins your list, he or she receives your welcome drip campaign—a series of emails designed around a central theme or desired action. An effective real-world example is Ramit Sethi’s newsletter for his 
Earn 1K program.

Trigger-based Autoresponder Example

When someone downloads your ebook and clicks a specific link in the book, he or she receives a specific follow-up email. Trigger-based autoresponders are very effective but often require a little more technical tweaking to work effectively.

By growing your list, providing value, and automating some emails, you can create an effective large-list email strategy to generate clicks. But what happens when you want more then a click?

1:1 Email Marketing for Enhancing Relationships

Your email newsletter has laid the foundation for the relationship between you and your subscribers. Now, depending on your business needs, you may want to engage with specific subscribers in a more personal way.

Here are some reasons you may want to enhance these relationships:

  • You want to create an army of Super Fans
  • You want detailed feedback
  • You want to validate your MVPs
  • You want to target your most engaged subscribers with special offers
  • You want to make a personal ask for your crowdfunding campaign
  • You want to find investors and business partners
  • You need testimonials

To parlay your subscriber relationships into 1:1 relationships, ask a closed-ended question. Make it as easy as possible for your subscribers to respond.

For instance, at the end of your upcoming email newsletter, you could say something like, “I hoped you’ve enjoyed [Newsletter Name]. I’d love to feature your testimonial. Are you interested in providing a testimonial for [Product or Site Name]? You can reply ‘Yes’ if interested and I’ll follow up with you. Thanks.”

Expect about 2-5% to respond.

Here’s the magic sauce that makes full-spectrum email marketing taste so sweet! It’s now up to you to follow up. If you use Gmail, you can automate the process by designing aPolitePersistence template—a series of personal emails that you can set and forget.

Email On!

At the beginning of this post, I asked whether you’d choose a megaphone or cell phone if time wasn’t a factor. This was kind of a trick question—my answer would be both. To grow your business, you need to include both mass and targeted communication in your marketing strategy.







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