Thanks for your interest in our PolitePersistence Chrome Extension!

We are launching this app with your help via our crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign launching on Monday September 23rd at 8:00AM EST. Register by clicking the orange button at the top of this screen to stay up to date on the launch.

Yes, this is in fact the first blog post for this site and before I go into details of who I am and the purpose of PolitePersistence, I want to take full advantage of this precious time we are sharing by saying Thank You...



  • Thank you for being the student setting up informational interviews
  • Thank you for being the non-profit volunteer reaching out to donors
  • Thank you for being the employer or manager assigning tasks to employees
  • Thank you for being the sales rep following up with that lead
  • Thank you for being the business owner pursuing that crucial business partner
  • Thank you for being the casual networker staying in touch after meeting someone new
  • Thank you for being the event organizer following up with a list of venues and guests
  • Thank you for being the marketer staying in touch with your list of contacts
  • Thank you for being any one of the roles that I missed...

And ultimately, Thank You for your interest in using PolitePersistence for all of your email related follow up needs. 

I’ve communicated with a ton of you already regarding this launch and for those who don’t know we are running an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to make PolitePersistence a reality for all.

We are very excited to get PolitePersistence into the hands of backers by early December 2013. All backers will be receiving Exclusive Licenses (i.e. Beta Access) to use PolitePersistence upon launch since it won't be available to the general public immediately.

This full release will only happen with your support.


So who am I?

My name is John Genovese. I'm a full time management consultant, have a significant other, my beautiful wife Paula, volunteer my time to non-profit causes and have a baby girl on the way.

PolitePersistence was originally a part-time side project turned full-time side project once we realized how beneficial this could be for all different types and groups of people.

The quick back story: My wife and I support non-profits in multiple ways and as the Director of Partnerships at the 100% volunteer non-profit, I found myself supporting an upstart non-profit the best way I could - through email.


I was sending about 300+ emails, over a month’s time, to various contacts on their behalf. Basically, the more traction I could provide to this non-profit the better but there was one problem. Most emails to cold contacts take at least three to five follow ups to get a response.


My response rate was poorer than Kenny McCormick. The reality was that I needed to follow up with these contacts in order to get a response. There was no way. My time was already stretched too thin. There had to be a solution out there to help me with my email follow ups.


Nothing. All I could find were behemoth email marketing solutions or email reminder services. I didn’t want to set 300+ email reminders since I would ultimately need to manually follow up anyway. It was at this realization that PolitePersistence was born and my wife and I began building the foundation for the extension.

We know that once PolitePersistence is launched we will be able to take it back to not only our non-profit but other organizations and empower them to save time and energy by not having to manually follow up over email.

I’m sure you may have other uses for PolitePersistence and we would love to hear them. Feel free to post comments on our Facebook page at

A future post will dissect our PolitePersistence IndieGoGo Campaign as well as other business related and productivity articles.

We look forward to taking this journey together with you.

Thanks again for your interest and support,
John & Paula


UPDATED: PolitePersistence is now proof that there is success after a crowdfunding campaign doesn't reach it's goal. We learned a TON from our crowdfunding experience and if anyone is interested simply post a comment below and we can get into it. Best of luck!




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