Email marketing is evolving.


No longer is all of the control held by the powerhouse email marketing solutions like Aweber, Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, etc.


According to John Genovese, Co-Founder of PolitePersistence, LLC, “Email marketing is no longer only about building a substantial email list and blasting content and coupons to generate growth. There are now excellent tools available to round out a business's email marketing strategy.”


Genovese is building an email app called PolitePersistence that is claiming to be The Fastest & Easiest Way to Send Follow Up Emails, Guaranteed!


Personal, one-to-one email communication between business and customer is where the marketing industry is moving. Savvy recipients have become jaded from general and unpersonalized email blasts.


Genovese believes that many email lists contain the foundation for in-depth professional and beneficial relationships between business and customer.


The question is, “What happens after the email blast?”


As a business owner, entrepreneur or business developer you have to ask yourself what do you want from your email communication?


Do you want a click or a conversation?


Arguably, a conversation has a better chance of leading to a click then an sole email blast.


But how do you move the subscriber from the Email Marketing communication stage into the one-to-one PolitePersistence communication stage?



Answer: Ask a close ended question (any question that can be answered with yes or no).



By asking a question that is extremely easy for your subscriber to answer you have a higher chance of engaging in actual conversation.


Here are some examples:

> “Have you lost subscribers recently?”


> “Do you believe that over the next month you will increase your growth by X%?”


> “Have you read X? If not, let me know and I’ll send it to you?”



Whoever responds to these questions are the individuals in your list with whom you can begin building a closer relationship.


Typically, the most challenging aspect of an email marketing campaign is breaking through the clutter and making your subscriber feel like you are just talking to him or her.


Genovese says this is where PolitePersistence comes in. PolitePersistence allows you to compose your initial and all personalized follow up emails from the same compose screen then literally set it and forget it.


When a recipient responds to your PolitePersistence, then all future follow up emails are automatically turned off and deleted.  


PolitePersistence allows the average email marketer to essentially build multiple relationships with his or her subscribers, at the same time, by following up on a consistent, personalized and regular basis.


Here is a sample flow of how an email marketer might use PolitePersistence:


Step 1: Email blast with one pointed, simple to answer, question that is literally the last sentence in your email blast. In this instance the question is: “Do you need help with developing a strategy for 20XX?”


Step 2: Four percent of your subscribers answer the question. These subscribers are hot leads for your new coaching program. You compile all of these subscribers into a spreadsheet (possibly using a virtual assistant).


Step 3: You open up PolitePersistence in Gmail, set your customized follow up templates and begin following up with each individual on a personalized basis (possibly using a virtual assistant). You configure PolitePersistence so that if these particular individuals don’t respond then they will receive your next personalized follow up email in 3 days, then 7 days, then 10 days.


Step 4: When these recipients do reply to your PolitePersistence, then PolitePersistence automatically turns off so you don’t have to manually delete scheduled follow up emails.


Step 5: Enjoy stronger relationships with subscribers!


It’s that easy.


Are you interested in signing up for the public PolitePersistence Beta? If so complete the form below:


The beta will close shortly and only a limited number of registrants will be accepted.







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