Since we’ve started this project we’ve heard the question - “How is PolitePersistence different than Constant Contact (or insert other email marketing platform here)?”


This is a GREAT question!


Because I’d ask myself the same thing if I was new to the world of follow up automation.


This article is the quick answer on how PolitePersistence is different from modern email marketing solutions and services.

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First and foremost - PolitePersistence is NOT a replacement for your current email marketing solution. We have used many of the above companies and we are personally using Mailchimp at the moment.


Here is how PolitePersistence is different:


Reason #1: Fire Hose vs. Super Soaker



Email marketing is like a firehose in that it blasts the same message to multiple recipients.


You typically have no control over the personalization of each message because many of these recipients have signed up and requested your newsletter.


Typically, the personalization ends at the <<First Name>>.



Now, PolitePersistence is more like a Super Soaker because you are targeting a specific recipient with a specific series of follow up messages tailored to that individual.


Here’s a perfect use case…


You go to an event. You meet 10 people. You go home and want to follow up with them. Will you put them into your email marketing solution? Probably not - unless they requested to be - but even than it’s extremely difficult to personally follow up using email marketing.


Instead, you would create templates in PolitePersistence geared toward those individuals. Now you can follow up with each of them multiple times in a very personalized way.


Reason #2: Clicks vs. Responses


Email marketing is all about the click.


Most of the time when you structure an email marketing campaign / newsletter it’s for the purpose of getting the recipient to take a specific action (i.e. go check out a blog post on your site, download an ebook, etc.)



Now, with PolitePersistence it’s all about the reply.


When you use PolitePersistence to follow up wtih someone you want that person to ideally respond to you and engage in conversation.


You might still want this person to click a link but you ALSO want them to let you know they clicked it.


The goal is human interaction on a personal level.


Reason #3: Campaign Based vs. Now Based



In email marketing, the sender is generally building a newsletter that may be be part of a generic autoresponder or part of a planned drip campaign.


This goes back to Reason #1 above because these campaigns are tailored to the masses. Once again - campaigns aren’t a bad thing. It’s smart marketing - it’s just not what PolitePersistence does.



PolitePersistence was built to be dynamic.


You can’t predict exactly who you are going to need to follow up with today for people you meet a month from now.


PolitePersistence is flexible enough in that it allows you to build personalized follow up strings when you need them. They don’t have to be part of an intricate campaign.




We hope this helps describe the differences between email marketing and PolitePersistence.


You need both to be effective. Email marketing and PolitePersistence compliment each other in many ways. See for yourself here.

If you’re interested in checking out PolitePersistence and would like a personal walk through email: to set one up.