What happens when you send an email?

Either it gets opened by your recipient in blissful moment of human interaction... or... it gets sent to the Email Landfill.

The size of your Email Landfill depends on how many emails you’ve sent that never received a reply.

What are some of the reasons your Email Landfill grows? Here are some:

1)    You got self conscious and couldn’t send another email so your first email died a lonely death in the Email Landfill

2)    You forgot to send another email so your first email called it quits in the Email Landfill

3)    You fell sick with ‘lazyimphinitus’ and didn’t send another email after the first so your first email made its final resting place in the Email Landfill

It doesn’t take an Emailologist to know that:

No Email Follow Up = Missed Opportunities = Lost Relationships = Wasted Time = Larger Landfill

So I know what you’re asking… “How can I reduce my Email Landfill and stop polluting my life with unanswered emails?”

You’re in the right place. Here’s how you can turn the frown upside down on your emails.

Sad PolitePersistence email


Step 1) Download the PolitePersistence Gmail Extension. (Available Q4 2013…. I know we can’t wait either)

Step 2) Open up Gmail and click ‘Compose’ – nothing new here

Step 3) Click the PolitePersistence logo in the lower right hand corner of your compose screen and compose your initial email and all follow up emails from the same screen for a specific recipient – now we’re talking

Step 4) When you’re finished composing all of your emails in your PolitePersistence string, click ‘Initiate’ – yep, pretty painless

Step 5) Sit back, grab your DoC [Drink of Choice] and let out a nice sigh of relief. You’ll never have to follow up with that recipient ever again.


Let’s work together to keep our email landfills empty.

As always, remember…

Save Time. #EmailOnce