This is Part 2 of a two part post describing how to use PolitePersistence with your email marketing strategy. You can find the first post here: How to Use PolitePersistence to Grow Your Subscriber Base.



We previously discussed how you can use PolitePersistence to help grow your email marketing list by following up with people you meet and with inbound inquiries.


In this post we are going to look at the other end side of the email marketing life cycle to show how you can enhance relationships with your email marketing list by using PolitePersistence.


How Do You Build Stronger Relationships With Your Email Marketing List?


At a high level, the email marketing funnel looks like this


email marketing funnel.png


  • Growth: This is how you attract subscribers into your list. These are things like sidebar opt-in forms, pop-up forms or any way you bring in subscribers.

    We cover how to use PolitePersistence in this growth stage in our last article on How to Use PolitePersistence to Grow Your Subscriber Base.


  • Value: This is the reason your subscribers, well, subscribe. This is the interesting content, coupons or behind-the-scenes news you provide. This is the sticky content that keeps them around.  


  • Enhancement: This is what this post is about. How can we leverage your email marketing funnel to further enhance the relationship you’ve already built with your subscribers?


Think about your own email list for a moment…


What steps have you recently taken to build a deeper relationship with your subscribers?


After all, these are people who want to hear what you have to say.


Building a deeper professional relationship with your list involves a few things:

1)    Understanding What's In It for Them (WIIFT)

2)    Understanding Why You Want to Build This Relationship

3)    Understanding How You Will Build It


1) Understanding WIIFT

We are all busy.


The last thing we want is to be thrown off of our daily workflow.


Like most people, if something compelling comes across my inbox I'll give it a few extra seconds.


You literally have seconds to show why you rock and why your subscriber should WANT to build a deeper professional relationship with you.  


EXAMPLE: Our team here at PolitePersistence has talked about running customer-use case profiles on our website to highlight some of the ways our customers use PolitePersistence.


In this scenario, the WIIFT is that their business will be highlighted on our website potentially driving more traffic to them.


HELLO - Free Traffic? Why wouldn’t I keep reading?


Articulating WIIFT should be contained within the first or second sentence in your email blast (More on this below).


2) Understanding Why You Want to Build This Relationship


Some of the reasons why you would want your readers looking up to you like a 90’s 12-year-old boy looked up to Michael Jordan is because you…


  want deeper customer feedback

  are seeking brand evangelists

  are looking for insight into a new feature release

  The list goes on...


Every business is different however one thing remains the same:


If you have an email list, then you have access to a group of people who are already interested in what you have to say.


Understanding your Why and WIIFT allows you to come up with a Mutual Win Statement.


Definition: Mutual Win Statement = One or two sentences that articulates a mutually beneficial initiative for you and your reader.


EXAMPLE: Using the same example as above... The reason or the 'Why' behind building deeper relationships with our PolitePersistence readership would be because we want to enhance the 'social proof' content of our site.


We love our customers and being able to showcase them on our site is a mutual win-win.


However, just because we have, say, 5,000 subscribers on our list, doesn't mean that all 5K have a desire to work with us on showcasing their business on our website.


This is where Understanding How You Will Build Deeper Relationships below makes sense.


3) Understanding How You Will Build Deeper Relationships With Your Email List

Email lists are one of the greatest examples of the 80/20 principle in action.


As a reader of this blog you are most likely aware of 80/20.


However, if you're not, in a nutshell it means that 20% of your email list will typically provide you 80% of the results you desire.


How do you find this 20% - use your Mutual Benefit Statement


EXAMPLE: When we craft a newsletter asking our subscribers to be a part of our customer showcase event, we would include our Mutual Benefit Statement that looks something like this:


"We are reserving a section of our website for you. We want to showcase your experience with using PolitePersistence to grow your business and if you’re interested in being featured let us know! Are you interested?"


We can expect that anywhere from 3-7% will respond. Typically, it will be less than 20%.


Oh and one more thing on the Mutual Benefit Statement. Always try to end with a question.


We personally like, “Are you interested?” as this allows the recipient to simply respond “Yes - I’m Interested.”


Now this is where we transition from email marketing to PolitePersistence to help foster and fertilize this relationship.


So let’s say we have 20 subscribers who responded that they are interested. Now what?


We would create a PolitePersistence follow-up string containing the questions that would need to be answered in order for a business to be featured on our site.


Here is how PolitePersistence would use this approach:



Customer ShowCase 1.png




Customer ShowCase 2.png




Customer ShowCase 3.png




Customer ShowCase 4.png



The big takeaway with this approach for building stronger relationships is twofold:


1) Always ask a closed ended question to leverage the 80/20 principle on your email list.


2) Then utilize PolitePersistence to follow up with only those who expressed interest.


Remember, it's not about how many subscribers you have on your list, it's how strong your relationship is with them that matters. Tweet This






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