I just finished listening to a podcast by Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income. In his podcast Pat, interviews Noah Kagan, who is the Founder of AppSumo and was among the first employees at both Facebook and Mint.


Noah goes on to say that when you have a business goal you should share that goal with your audience.


This is something I’ve believed for awhile... but…. belief can only get you halfway there. Action is needed to validate that belief. More on this action below…


But first!


I promised you something in this post headline and I’m going to deliver it now.


Here is a list of examples of how real people are planning to use PolitePersistence to automate their follow up and add minutes back to their life.


To prove that PolitePersistence is in fact the ‘Fastest & Easiest Way to Send Follow Up Emails’ we’ve compiled a list, from A to Z,  to show just how PolitePersistence will benefit users and save a ton of time when sending follow up emails.




  • Following up with new and old connections.

  • Emailing vendors for the best price of something.

  • Starting email conversations with others in your niche.


Business Development:

  • Following up with online leads.

  • Staying in touch with someone met at a conference or event.

  • Ensuring that a contract gets signed in a timely manner.



  • Following up with backers.

  • Connecting with reporters and bloggers.

  • Staying in touch with other supporters.


Dance Clubs (Nightlife):

  • Allowing VIP Hosts to stay in touch with High Net Worth clients.

  • Staying in touch with a customer about a special deal that is ending.

  • Following up with customers after a weekend to provide quality assurance of their experience.



  • Setting up informational interviews for potential job opportunities.

  • Keeping in touch with professors and fellow students after graduation.

  • Following up with potential employers after a job fair.



  • Staying in touch with buyers.

  • Keeping in touch with studios.

  • Following up with contacts from runway events.


Guest Lists:

  • Confirming guest list attendance.

  • Following up with the media.

  • Keeping in touch with influential contacts.


Health Care:

  • Following up with patients to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Responding to inbound inquiries from potential new clients.

  • Staying in touch with insurance companies on open cases.


Information Research:

  • Following up with someone for an interview opportunity.

  • Keeping in touch with someone who provided you information.

  • Scheduling a quarterly touch base with an information provider for latest rates.



  • Staying in touch with customers after they leave the store.

  • Following up with jewelry vendors for more favorable pricing.

  • Providing attentiveness to potential customers who inquire via store website.



  • Following up with yourself every week to buy healthy groceries.

  • Staying on the radar of your wife or husband by emailing her or him your grocery wish list.

  • Reminding yourself every week what special dinner you are going to cook your family.



  • Pursuing responses on patent legality.

  • Following up with client whose intellectual property is about to expire.

  • Staying in touch with inbound inquiries from potential clients.


Motor Vehicles:

  • Following up with customers after they leave the dealership.

  • Staying in touch with customers after they’ve purchased a car.

  • Keeping in touch with customers after they’ve left the body shop for customer service.



  • Following up with potential donors.

  • Staying in touch with other nonprofits for joint events.

  • Receiving confirmation from volunteers about helping with an upcoming event.


Organic Farms:

  • Gauging feedback from past customers.

  • Keeping in contact with current customers about showing your produce at the next farmer’s market.

  • Following up with locations for where you might want to sell your crops.


Project Management:

  • Following up to ensure an employee received an assigned task.

  • Staying on top of decision makers.

  • Following up and coordinating with clients, vendors and customers.



  • Following up with a group of potential customers to see who is serious about your product.

  • Following up with individuals to see who may be interested in taking your survey.

  • Sending a individuals, from your email newsletter, personalized follow up emails to engage in further conversation.



  • Keeping in touch with customers for service feedback.

  • Consistently providing information on expiring offers.

  • Following up with local media for special events.



  • Following up with contacts for feedback.

  • Staying in touch with people you met at a conference or online to be a beta user.

  • Following up with potential customers for validation of business.


Trajectory Spike (i.e. Scaling):

  • Pursuing and following up with crucial business partners.

  • Following up with vendors for more favorable pricing.

  • Staying in touch with potential investors.



  • Following up with customers for late utility bills.

  • Following up with a random sampling of utility customers to ensure high quality customer service.

  • Following up with a customer after he or she files a complaint to ensure the issue has been resolved.


Virtual Assistants:

  • Following up for organizing and confirming appointments.

  • Responding and following up to customer service related emails.

  • Modifying and managing follow up emails.


With Care:

  • Keeping in touch with customers as a courtesy.

  • Staying in touch with bloggers / media as a courtesy for them to cover your story.

  • Passing on helpful information to your best and most engaged (i.e. Super Fan) customers.


X Years:

  • Following up with friends for years to come.

  • Building a business brand that will last for years by staying in touch with customers.

  • Adding X years back to your life with all of the time you’ll save by automating your follow up emails.


You Owe It To Yourself:

  • Owing it to yourself to stay in touch faster and easier than ever before.

  • Owing it to yourself to keep in touch with personal and professional contacts like

  • never before.

  • Owing it to yourself to accelerate your professional relationships to generate further business growth.



  • Follow up with excitement.

  • Follow up with energy.

  • Follow up with appreciation.


I know I stretched on some of those … Trajectory Spike? Really?


What have I missed? What niche do you play in that’s not included in this list? Is there a specific type of person you need to follow up with on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.




I started this post by stating that I was going to share our business goal with you - and that’s what I’m going to do.


Our goal, before we launch, is to have at least 1,000 beta users signed up and eager to use PolitePersistence.



I just shared with you 78 ways that someone can use PolitePersistence to save time, energy and resources.


If you are already signed up for our beta launch then I encourage you to share this with someone who you think it can benefit by either using the social sharing links below or by emailing them this post.




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I look forward to helping you take advantage of more opportunities and saving more time in the near future.


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