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September 3, 2013


New Jersey Man Battles Email Demons And Suffers Consequences
Middletown, NJ: Have you ever emailed someone and had to follow up because that person never responded to you? The answer is most likely yes but unlike most individuals who either follow up or forget to when they don’t receive a reply, Rodney Perkins, 33 of Middletown, couldn’t take being ignored over email any longer.

“I don’t know what came over me,” said Perkins. “All of these years of sending emails and not receiving responses just kind of pushed me over the edge and I lost it.”
Perkins was rushed to the local emergency room at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, NJ after he called 911 on himself. Perkins was bleeding profusely from a sliced artery after repeatedly punching and striking his computer.

Perkins, who works in a sales role at a undisclosed software company, was continually using email as a way to connect with potential customers, vendors and business partners. Though, this is not the first case of computer related injuries in the area.

“We’ve actually seen an increase in the level of violence towards email and inboxes over the past year,” stated Nurse Rebecca Redfield. “It’s unnecessary. People should not be suffering because of email.”

With a host of email tools on the market, it is strange to see calamities like Perkins occurring in our society.

As a remedy to Perkin’s serious internal struggle with following up, Doctors walked Perkins through a step-by-step process by pre-registering for PolitePersistence, a Gmail Extension that will automate his follow up emails.

To see the PolitePersistence perscription visit:
It appears that Perkins is going to make a full recovery.

“For the first time in years Roddy looks like he is doing better,” said Perkins’s wife Martha Perkins.  “Hopefully, we will be able to finally save some money for our children’s college fund by not having to replace his computer every month.”
Please visit for more information on preventing friends or loved ones from harming themselves due to email abuse. Twitter users can show their support against email violence by using #EmailOnce to join in on the discussion.
About PolitePersistence
PolitePersistence is a Gmail extension that helps people spend less time on email by automating their follow ups. PolitePersistence simply allows users to create their own follow up system in a simple and efficient way by deactivating all automated follow up emails once a recipient replies. PolitePersistence was founded by a husband and wife team who sought a better way to spend more time with family and friends than with their inbox. PolitePersistence is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Monday September 23rd. Pre-register to stay up to date on the launch.

This article was a fabricated scenario. Though, if it was a real scenario we are in serious trouble. If you even slightly believed it then awesome. If not, please share it anyway :)