New Jersey Tech Meetups Embrace New Gmail Extension


September 19th, 2013


Princeton, NJ: Do you hate spending time on meaningless work? So does PolitePersistence, a Gmail app extension that is promising to eliminate the need for having to manually follow up by email ever again.


John Genovese, Co-Founder of PolitePersistence, has had a productive past couple of weeks. PolitePersistence has been featured at multiple New Jersey Technology Meet Up events including, but not limited to: Morris Tech Meet Up (TMU), Princeton TMU and the Entrepreneurs Advisory Group.


John and his PolitePersistence team are among many groups founding startups within the New Jersey Technology ecosystem and the overall feedback for many of the tech startups, including PolitePersistence, has been positive.



For PolitePersistence’s press kit please visit:



“The New Jersey Tech community is very supportive of PolitePersistence. We’ve received excellent feedback and a ton of people have signed up for launch updates on our website,” Genovese said.


At a recent Princeton Tech Meetup PolitePersistence had the opportunity to present next to other startups including Thinknum, Hazarai and Caktus. Sorin Rand Law was the main presenter at the Princeton Tech Meetup on September 16th.


PTMU Group Shot


It’s great to see how the startup community supports one another. It’s an exciting time and we are very excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign over IndieGoGo on Monday,” Paula Genovese, Co-Founder of PolitePersistence, said.


John adds, “We have been pouring our lives into this application so everyone from the average email user to the business owner can cut the time they spend on email in half.”


PolitePersistence will be issuing about 2,000 licenses for PolitePersistence ranging from 1-Month Access (1,000 Available) to Life Time Access (200 Available) via the crowdfunding campaign.


“It’s a great feeling for members of the audience to come up and ask for a Life Time Access before we launch,” John said.


PolitePersistence will launch at 8:00AM EST Monday September 23rd, 2013 on IndieGoGo and interested parties can sign up for launch updates at  


Twitter users can use #EmailOnce to join in on the discussion during the launch.


About PolitePersistence

PolitePersistence is a Gmail extension that helps people spend less time on email by automating their follow ups. PolitePersistence simply allows users to create their own follow up system in a simple and efficient way by deactivating all automated follow up emails once a recipient replies. PolitePersistence was founded by a husband and wife team who sought a better way to spend more time with family and friends than with their inbox.



John Genovese, Co-Founder PolitePersistence
Monmouth County, NJ