If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you are on the PolitePersistence Beta Launch List.


About a year ago I launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for PolitePersistence - it failed miserably. I think Kenny Mccormick, on any given day, had more lunch money on him than I raised in my 30 days of crowdfunding.



There were a lot of lessons learned from that experience for instance it would have helped to have showcased our PowerPoint Prototype on our campaign page. However, the most important lesson came from the decision we had to make… drop the project or push on?


You might say we ‘Persisted’ on.


Fast forward almost a year later… and we still haven’t introduced anything to our growing list of patiently waiting beta users.


Why? Why make you wait? It was a mistake and we are sorry.


For all of the glory of Lean Startup, MVP and ‘Ship First, Tweak Later’ we strayed away and slipped into a waterfall.


As a self-funded, bootstrapped tech startup with non-tech founders going agile and lean is equivalent to trying to open a contracting business when the only things you’ve built were in Minecraft.


The reason for this delay?


We are working with a development company who is excellent - that’s not the problem.


The problem is that when you’re on a payment plan you typically get stuck at the bottom of the totem pole priority wise. Things that might take a week now take multiple weeks and so on.


totempole with PP logo.jpg


Hey - it’s Business 101 - what are you gonna do, right?


I’ll tell you what we are doing.


We are releasing our closed Alpha version regardless of how unfinished it may be.



I attribute this revelation to a friend. I recently attended the TechLaunch event here in NJ. TechLaunch has become a central location and community hub for startups and tech enthusiasts in the NJ tech community. It's a great event and one where many friendships have been formed.



One such friend, Mason Carter, helped snap me back into reality by asking "Where the $%&# is PolitePersistence?" (his words were much nicer).



But this was exactly what the team and I needed to hear in order for us to push PolitePersistence out of the nest. Thank you Mason.


Now will she fly or splat?


Despite the outcome of this closed Alpha launch, we are doing something we should have done awhile ago and get you involved in our development process.


Creating the fastest and easiest way to follow up and be ‘politely persistent’ won’t be easy but together we will make it happen.


Thanks for your support.


-John & The PolitePersistence Team













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