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About Us

Why did you start PolitePersistence™?

Like most people I use email a ton. I also am involved in non-profit work. There was a point when I was trying to help an upstart non-profit get off the ground and was manually emailing over 300+ customized emails a month! As you can imagine the response rate for these emails was rather low. I knew that it takes on average three emails to get a response from a contact you haven’t communicated with before.The problem was I didn’t have time to go back and follow up manually with 300 contacts. So I began looking for a tool to help alleviate this issue. All I could find were behemoth email marketing tools or ways to set follow up reminders. I wasn’t interested in setting 300 follow up reminders because I would eventually have to manually follow up anyway... hence PolitePersistence™ was born!

Why not use an email marketing solution like Mail Chimp or Aweber?

These tools are powerhouses and are great for the right situation. I’ve personally used many email marketing solutions like Mail Chimp and Aweber but I needed something more personalized and easier to access. I wasn’t looking for a marketing tool but rather a relationship building tool. I also didn’t want to pay for email tech I didn’t need (i.e. open tracking, link tracking, reminder setting, etc.) I just wanted a simple app that would allow me to send my initial email and all follow up emails one time, and never have to worry about following up with that particular individual again. That’s what we built with PolitePersistence™.

Also, we are not an email marketing tool. Think of email marketing tools like fire hoses. They blast hundreds if not thousands of recipients all with the same message. PolitePersistence on the other hand is more like a Super Soaker targeting one individual for maximum relationship building potential.

What is the PolitePersistence™ Mission?

Official Mission: ““PolitePersistence™ strives to enhance the way we email by eliminating the need for manual follow ups.”

Unofficial Mission: Make the term ‘PolitePersistence™’ the Kleenex of email follow ups. “I need a Kleenex for my nose.” becomes “I need PolitePersistence™ for a response.”

What is the long term vision for PolitePersistence™?

The PolitePersistence™ vision is to make follow up easier across all lines of communication. We are currently simplifying follow up over email but it doesn’t end there... think anything from social media to physical mail to singing telegrams...(ok, maybe not singing telegrams... well, maybe). Sign up to be alerted of future product updates at the top of this page.

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How can I install PolitePersistence™?

When the Extension launches you will be able to download PolitePersistence from For now, Subscribe at the top of this screen for updates on our launch. We plan to roll out PolitePersistence™ for Mozilla and Safari in the near future.

Do each of my computers need PolitePersistence™ installed?

Yes - You need to install the extension to each computer and to each browser that will run the PolitePersistence™ extension.

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Auto Follow Ups

How do I use PolitePersistence™ to automate my follow ups?

Simply install the browser extension and in seconds you will start using PolitePersistence™ immediately in the Gmail user interface. When you open a new email in the compose screen you will see the PolitePersistence™ logo in the lower right hand corner of the compose window. Click this logo and you are in the PolitePersistence™ interface. From here you can choose between your initial email, first follow up, second follow up and fourth follow up. You have the flexibility to compose and schedule each of these emails as you see fit. You also have the ability to set any of these emails to be a Continuous Email. Continuous Emails will keep sending until you cancel them or the recipient responds.

How do I know my automated follow up emails are set appropriately?

After you send an email using PolitePersistence™ you will be able to find all future follow up emails for that recipient in your Draft folder with its subject line stating that it is to be scheduled at a specific time. Each follow up email will separately wait in your Drafts folder until its own delivery time arrives. When it is sent, the time indicator in the subject line will be removed and only the subject line you chose will remain.

How do I know my automated follow up emails are being sent at the desired time and day?

All automated follow up emails, after being sent, are placed in your Sent folder, as with any other sent email.

How can I cancel an automatic follow up email?

Simply go into your Drafts folder and discard the message you would like to cancel.

How can I reschedule an auto follow up email to be delivered at a different time?

At any time before your automatic follow up email is sent, you can go into your Drafts folder and re-schedule a scheduled email. Simply open up your Draft and click forward, then in this compose screen click the PolitePersistence™ logo in the bottom right hand corner button as before, then choose your date and time and click send. Your email string will align automatically with this new email so when you’re recipient responds to a previous email, the email you modified, or a future email your automatic follow ups will turn off automatically as expected.

Can I edit scheduled emails before their delivery time?

Yep, you sure can. From within the Drafts folder, open any email that you want to change and make your edits. Be sure to save any edits you make if Gmail doesn’t automatically save them for you.

Do I need my computer open for my automated follow up emails to be delivered?

Nope. While you go about your day we take care of delivering all of your follow up emails.

How does your Time Zone support work?

PolitePersistence™ operates from within your local time zone by default. Though, if you define a time zone, your message will be delivered at the time you specify within the zone you define.

Isn’t PolitePersistence™ kind of like a SPAM engine?

We thought that some users may think this when we were designing and developing PolitePersistence™. This is why we chose to build this application as a Gmail Extension. PolitePersistence™ uses Gmail’s already successful and efficient interface and functionality. So if a recipient thinks your email is SPAM they will mark it accordingly. PolitePersistence™ is simply a vessel to help you get your message to your recipient - the content of your email is what makes an email SPAM and we don’t have control over that.

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How much does PolitePersistence™ cost?

We are currently restructuring our pricing model but you can be rest assured that we are a freemium model and you will be able to download and use PolitePersistence for free (no credit card required) once we are live.

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How does PolitePersistence™ access my emails? Can you see my password?

PolitePersistence™ does not have access to your Gmail password. PolitePersistence™ works with OAuth authorization under your supervision. You can always revoke PolitePersistence’s access to your Gmail account by following these directions from Google.

Will PolitePersistence™ ever store and or read my emails?

No, PolitePersistence™ does not store any user’s emails. In order for PolitePersistence™ to send your automated follow ups, PolitePersistence™ will hold message ID’s, which are text files containing random identification strings with no value. If the day comes where you decide to discontinue using PolitePersistence™, nothing connected with you will remain with PolitePersistence™.

Where can I get more information about privacy terms?

You can find the full text of PolitePersistence’s privacy policy at the bottom of this page. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

How can I uninstall PolitePersistence™?

You need to uninstall the browser extension and remove the authorization you gave to PolitePersistence™ to access your Gmail data. To uninstall the Google Chrome extension, see instructions To remove your authorization for PolitePersistence™ to access your Gmail data, go to, then “Revoke Access” from

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When will PolitePersistence™ be available for the Mozilla and Safari browser?

We are working to provide PolitePersistence access to Mozilla and Safari browser users as soon as possible. For PolitePersistence updates please sign up at the top of this page.

When will PolitePersistence™ have an app for iPhone, iPad and Android?

We are working to bring PolitePersistence™ to the iPhone, iPad and Android as soon as possible. For PolitePersistence™ mobile updates please sign up at the top of this page

How can I reach you to give feedback?

Thank you in advance for your feedback. You can contact us by going to our Contact Us page.

Does PolitePersistence™ work with languages available for Gmail other than English?

PolitePersistence™ is not internationalized. This means that although your overall Gmail interface will be in the language you choose, PolitePersistence™ specific labels, notifications and instructions will remain in English.

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The PolitePersistence™ logo is missing in the lower right hand corner of my composition window...

Please make sure you have installed the browser extension for PolitePersistence™. Here are some basic guidelines for listing your browser extensions to see if you have PolitePersistence™

In Google Chrome,

  • Click the menu button on the browser toolbar
  • Then select Tools.
  • Then select Extensions to view all extensions you have downloaded

If you are missing the extension, please go here for installation instructions.

I have a PolitePro paid account but it states my quota is exhausted...

Remember, your PolitePro accounts only work with one registered Gmail email address. You might have used a different email address when you purchased your subscription. Please contact our support team for assistance.

I am having other technical problems with PolitePersistence™...

Please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.