Follow Up by Email Like Never Before

From casually following up after meeting someone new to staying on the radar of a lead or potential business partner, PolitePersistence™ delivers the most efficient way to stay in touch with personal & professional contacts - in turn saving you time and energy.

Focus on living your life and running your business - we’ll take care of delivering your follow ups and getting you a response.

Auto Turn-Off - Save Mental Energy

Our Auto Turn-Off feature stops all future follow up emails to a particular recipient once he or she responds

It’s all about CONVENIENCE. Never worry if a follow up email will be sent after you’ve already communicated with a particular contact because follow ups Auto Turn-Off.

Templates - Save Typing Time

PolitePersistence™ is Template Ready. Type, Save, and Use your Templates for all automatic follow ups. It’s that easy!

Emails are to templates like a tub of loose Legos are to instructions. They can be messy without some organization. We make it easy for you to stay organized.

EasyCompose - Compose In One Place

EasyCompose makes life worth living. Your initial and all future follow ups for a recipient are composed from the same screen

By composing all of your emails in one place, for one recipient, you never have to worry about manually emailing that person again until he or she replies.

Flexible Applications - A TON of Uses!

If you want a response from your email then you can literally use PolitePersistence on any and every email you send

Think about the last time you emailed someone and didn’t get a response... You could have used PolitePersistence™ for that situation! (and many more!)

Response Rate Booster - Increased Replies

By using PolitePersistence™ you will see a significant increase in your responses simply by staying on your contact’s radar

You will reap tremendous value from PolitePersistence™ when your 3rd or 4th automated follow up is the email that gets you the response you need.

User Friendly - Download & Use Fast

User Friendliness is baked deep into the PolitePersistence™ extension

You literally will be able to download and understand how to use PolitePersistence™ in about 68 seconds. So easy a baby koala could use it.

Safe Extension Management - Peace of Mind

We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others and never will

We adopt appropriate data collection, storage practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data stored on our Site. Communication occurs over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.