Meet Mike

Mike sends a ton of emails to keep in contact with his in and out of work relationships. With PolitePersistence, Mike saves time by scheduling his follow up emails from the same compose screen as his initial email. This is how he does it.

User friendly. Simple to use.

Mike flips through 14 business cards from entrepreneurs and potential clients he met at a tech conference yesterday. He opens Gmail, clicks Compose, then clicks the PolitePersistence logo and writes his initial email, on tab 1, and all follow-up emails on tabs, 2, 3 and 4 all within the same compose screen.

Now meet Janet.

She just received Mike's follow up email.

Janet receives Mike's initial email on her phone during a work meeting.

She remembers the tech conference, smiles, and makes a mental note to reply later. After work, Janet takes her kids to sporting practice, goes grocery shopping and before long her day is over. Unintentionally, Janet forgets to respond to Mike and Mike's initial email gets forgotten in Janet’s email landfill.

PolitePersistence stays...
well, persistent.

Mike is working through his to-do list and has forgotten about his initial connection with Janet.

His follow-up email is automatically sent to her through PolitePersistence because he wrote his initial and follow-up emails at the same time, when the potential value of a connection between he and Janet was still fresh in mind.

The auto-follow-up jogs Janet's memory and she sends a reply to Mike.

Set and Forget.

As Mike returns home, he realizes Janet responded to him, and he’s happy that she wants to discuss a business partnership.

After receiving Janet’s response to his second email, PolitePersistence automagically turns off the second and all future follow-up emails so Mike doesn’t have to.

Time to recap.

A month later, Mike has used PolitePersistence to connect with more than 50 contacts. He feels empowered knowing he can spend more time with friends and family without having to worry about manually following up with old or new relationships.

Mike might not be able to remember everything, and take advantage of every opportunity, but,
he can save time through PolitePersistence by emailing once.

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